Eminem has been and will be a big influence in my life, when I was a kid I used to look up to great men, first it was my grandfather I think, when I was a child I wanted to be an inventor, but then I went to school and there was these girls who were listening to rap music so Ikinda was interested then when I first saw how he rapped or made lyrics, i liked his style and don’t know how I saw him like a friend or a mentor or a role model so I didn’t realized I wanted to be like him till late after college, but in highschool i was listening to alot of his songs and even wanted to be a rapper myself but didn’t do much for it I was just buying baggy clothes and listening to my favourite songs, I always admired these artists that spoke with passion or really have something to say even tho not many of them listen or not all the people listen to them, they had a big influence in my life.

When I first started doing something to try to achieve something it was pretty bad and confusing at that time but I was very determined so, very rough road if u ask me if you choose to follow someone’s example in being like him or admiaring cause you might find a role model to follow but you need to also follow your own self and try to realize why do you like that person or why do you want to be like him, sometimes we don’t realize this because it’s either of they’re success or you like that person very much, could be the fact that we first don’t know we want to be like them but this is another thing. I’ve been through situations most couldn’t or didn’t know how to handle but that’s ok I’d do it again just for the fun of it but i’d have another perspective about it, the point is sometimes when you admire and try to be like someone you end up liking yourself more because you like the other person, I mean the role model, you can’t like or appreciate someone else if you first don’t apreciate yourself.

My life kinda crashed when I wanted to do something more than just watch TV and go to work, I found a passion and that kept me going in very rough situation if it weren’t for my passion I don’t know how I would manage to achieve anything, know I can do something just for me or for fun or making someone feel special just by telling them,

Sometimes the joy you bring to others comes back to you, even the bad things come back, even if u don’t do them but that’s a funny way of saying it.

If you don’t do nothing just sit there watching TV all day or playing some League of Legends, going to school and stuff like that. It’s ok but think about it when u finish school what are you going to do, sit and watch TV all day, go to work and sleep all night, let’s say you got friend and you go out every weekend, what kind of satisfaction is that, getting drunk every weekend and partying, I think it’s a waste of time, a party should be when you celebrate something not going around, not knowing what to do, you say ” Maan I wanna get drunk tonight and maby get a girl or 2 and get them home with me” you could do that but the next morning those 2 girls would be ” Wow it was a blast, I’m going…” it’s just temporary it dosn’t last it’s just 1 night of beer then 2 or 3 days of hangover.

PErsonally i quit just having fun all the time , sometimes I just prefer wasting time than doing something, but wasting in a way I could benefit from it, maby learn new things and find a passion I’m good at.

When I wanted to be a rapper i would write the worst rhymes you could ever find anywhere it was just bullshit everywhere it didn’t even rhyme it was just unsuccessfull tries but i didn’t gave up on that even tho I don’t do it often i know i can rhyme, maby some day I’ll make a cool song and post it here but till then I wanna share how much effort I put into this and still going I won’t stop i just know that every failure is a pathway to success if you fail you can stop but if you don’t you might find something good.

So don’t let failure stop you from achieving your dream.

Eminem’s first nickname was Manix and after that he changed it to M&M or Eminem at the age of 14


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