Kendrick Lamar

I like Kendrick Lamar because I think he sees things from a different perspective I mean Humble, it’s like when life bring you down the only thing you can do is be humble, like crashing down to something when you feel you can’t control your life anymore and it’s going nuts all at once, you never know where you’re going or staying you just concentrate on yourself the most and try to think from a different perspective like how can I be humble, maby I am and I don’t know it but sometimes you get sick of it because not many people can be like this, I can cause I’ve tried and it sort of suits me in a way or suited me, like being in your own little world cold sometimes lonely even when you walk on the street still lonely, or scared of everything, you just don’t wanna see nobody cause you might feel something for them in some way and you don’t wanna get attatched because it feels right but it’s all the bad things that can happen and there are allot like cheating, betrayal, lies and so on very few people tell what they want or feel and even if they do do you really wanna hear it, cause there are many friends out there that can support you in what you wanna do and even if they do, you just think this is fake , is this real or not it’s just for the sake of it, it just started questioning everything that’s why I don’t feel very humble right now but I really wasscenic_sunset_cover_107


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