Should you listen to music when you read?


I’ve been thinking how music works, i mean if you can actually do something good while listening to it and I’m talking about another activity and how can you perform at it if you do it better or it’s a distraction.

In my opinion you can listen to it even while reading but it depends on what sort of music do you listen to if you listen to rap, metal songs it can be quite hard to concentrate on what you’re reading, but if you listen to something more soft or just a calming beat it could litteraly be better and it could make you better at what you do.

It all depends on the genre either you want to me motivated or calm or just whatever chill and play games.

Personally when I play games especially competitive ones I prefer music that motivates me something like this

It really keeps me going even when the going it’s rough

Depending on what activity you’re doing music can always make it better.



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