If i ought to be writing some lyrics maby a freestyle or a song, I could be writing about someone i love or trust betrayal I don’t know I’ve tried my best keeping it cool and calm seems like no matter what I do it dosn’t matter or how people see me it’s like either they hate me or just indifferent.

Didn’t have much support in what I do, nobody believes in me or there are very few people who do, it dosn’t matter anyway I’m not dependent on the opinion of others to what I do if it’s good or bad I don’t care If u brake me I’ll break your neck and put your face in your lap as Dr Dre said, so you better run cause I’m crazy as fuck, don’t try to push your luck, not biting any jokes still homophobic dosn’t matter I hate gays they look like shit not even funny that’s not love it’s some sick shit that needs to die, I’m fighting for my pride I don’t care why or what ur saying If I wanna do it I’ll do it no matter what, Still what wen’t wrong I’m gonna know revenge is kinda stupid I know but If you don’t fight back u’ll be the stupid one, so guess motherfuckers thought I won’t get to know, I’m a crazy ass nigga from the street i’ll punch your face and drop some shit, You don’t know me ur a fucking dick , pussy ass nigga won’t show this cause When I’m gonna pull up to they’re faces they’ll blow this, Like a gun in They’re mouth , Look you sound like a retard, Nigga bleed u fag I’m saying this shit cause I’m a fucking dragon man U look like ur wife got caught up in my plan that’s to bad I’m gonna kill her and u fag.

For all the ladies who say nice things I’m gonna show you how it’s done, thx for the support I’ll show you some, when I don’t wanna quit You’ll understand, I’ll fight till the end that’s my plan, Giving up is not an option my friends think i’m cool cause I don’t auction. When it’s fun It’s going great think about it before you do something stupid cause people like me smell fear from a mile a way I can feel ur steal but it’s not this way nono ur not getting this yet, I can jump like there’s no train, pull up next to a plane, say hi to the pilot and fly away I’m Son Goku the nymbus game, got a big dick like my freaking stick wich I play I can beat anything that stand in my way so pray I don’t get to you first cause I’m gonna chase you like Frend and George Burst.

Kinda stupid but I like it makes me feel complete, you can’t even comete all I do is battle win cause I’m playing play 2 win Imhotepp ain’t shit I’m the guy you pipsquick Legends Never Die asa ca ciocu mic


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