What I call classical music or old music dosn’t need to be anywhere near the word classical like Betehoven or Mozart I’m just saying about classical like, where it’s a simple beat, nothing too fancy, just something to reapeat itself, maby giving you some motivation to start something or just relax to it, the motivation to push forward when you feel life is pulling you backwards, or like just some shit that might happen and screw you over like something unexpected like it usually does

But there are alot of songs that have sort of the same feeling to it, just the beat and maby some lyrics i feel like there can be added more withought taking of the songs charm but it wouldn’t be the same beat, life’s too fucking hard and I’m stressing over the same or new shit everyday It’s killing my mind, sometimes I can’t even relax it’s just stress stress stress like What should I do or where should I go.

This other song gives me a feeling of calmness it’s like the vibes, now I’m listening without bass but the bass is everything in a song especially when it’s house or something like that, it’s like a feeling of security or a feeling of trance I supose but this second song dosn’t have any lyrics but can be added eventually if I put my mind to it i would add

“Fleeing of the course, the horse’s a runaway coming back like should I stay or go away” I don’t know this is what I would say, but It’s all a big song so I got to practice allot maby I’ll repost it with lyrics.

Stay tuned.


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