Busta Rhymes

He’s a great rapper no doubt, I didn’t think he could rap on trance but he did it, it was a surprize for me that he could do that makes me wanna try and do so too.

It’s really hard to rap on trance cause of the rhythm and the flow. Usually on trance it’s like fewer words and more music but, when you add lyrics to it it becomes more complicated, the subject must be pretty intense or uplifting, and must be like positive rap or something, like positive lyrics, anyway it’s pretty hard to sing something like this in a club or something.

I don’t know many clubs who put trance music, I think it’s more for festivals or concerts but this proves it can be done, So i guess it’s the first time it’s done but I think this could be the future like positive rapping on trance or even house, tho on house I’ve never seen before.

But rapping on trance could be the next generation of rap or it could be called TRap, or trance rap that sounds pretty cool to me. If more artists would do it I guarantee it would be successful it just need allot of work and I’m thinking I’m gonna work on this, sounds like a pretty good ideea, beats are loats of them Maby I’ll post something like the song and lyrics I make to the song, hopefully meeting Tiesto cause he’s a great DJ

But enough about trance for the moment I was gonna tell you about Busta Rhymes, he really has sort of specific songs like

Pretty awesome the way he combines like fight music and stuff with his love, or his chick as the video says, even tho they fight they don’t seem to get away from eachother I think that’s what relationships should be


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