Future of Hip-Hop

How I see the future is gonna be specially in the Hip-Hop business, I think there’s gonna be allot of rap battles, or they used to be, but that’s just underground, nowdays people battle with songs, and thath’s just catchy, no1 battles or at least freestyles, anyway…

A good example might be 8 mile movie from Eminem but that was long time ago, still some people still do it to demonstrate they’re worth, but dosn’t that make you like you have to demonstrate something, like you’re no good?

No battling is more then that, it’s not just who wins a fight ( a battle) or some freestyle you make with your friends, to show how cool you are in the neighborhood.

So yeah anybody can freestyle so anybody can rap also but you gotta catch that feeling of certanty that you can do it, or rhyme to demonstrate that you can, it’s not about how much effort you put into it it’s just how you feel about it, if you’re ok with rhyming or battleing or just making new songs.

Not anybody can battle but that’s just it some people don’t want to do it, I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s really hard and experience really counts.

Sometimes with time you get better at what you do, if you repeat something daily it comes in your daily routine, with practice comes perfection, but you have to stay focused also.

Anyway I think new artists will get in the music business through rap battles or just get recognized for what they can do and enter the music business. Or just make they’re own studio and progress through that.

But it’s hard to make you’re own studio cause it costs pretty much and you have to get someone to sing along with, or make something with a friend like a song or two.

Most artists nowdays don’t have a clue how important battles are , or were. But people sometimes get angry from non sense but that’s not my problem.



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