Writing to trance

Lyrical genius flows withing, never ending story lies

All you’re lies are full of ties,no regrets and no goodbyes

If you with me I’mma cry don’t try to fake cause I won’t die

We fucking rule and that’s no lie

Battle me and u’ll get fried, chicken with mc’nuggets

Get so fat u know the outlets

From the bottom I get up , To see the light that I’m flowing up, can’t pull me down no no no

You don’t know I’m not alone, I’ve been here on my throne, sitting still just chilling up

Can’t see that I’m willing to give a shot just for you

Never die and don’t create don’t diss me cause u won’t get it straight, to the chin, can’t feel me , get fear within, feel the fear from withing when I come and spit this rhyme U feel like you lost a dime. Cause I’ve been gone for so long, I don’t seem to belong, To anyone but who cares,

I myself I am repairs, going through shit all the way up, comin back , never give up, Feel the rhyme when you give a dime , maby U’ll know next time I rhyme to win, Thinking of me when you put you’re bet cause all this disrespect, got me fired up

Think I’ll blow the tie and suit, come and get the fucking fruit

Lyrical flows through holes like germs

Feeling the pain will never die also the train will never lie

Cause all the bullshit is where I’ll stray, God made me this way,

Lyrics coming up I can’t stop vibing flowing up I won’t give up

This traffic got me all wierd up feeling of dishonour comming up

They say never lie and never cheat cause chilling got you on repeat

I’m feeling good that’s why I write, sometimes you feel like you’re catching flight

The music is too cool just roll, even when you eat from that cereal bowl

Trance got me way up thinking that I’m enough don’t have to prove you cause I’m too fucking rough.

She thought I just gave up but now I’m up so blow me up, Right after you fuck up the game you fall of the plane

Sticking to insane I’ll make you beg for pain and you’re lies, the deceiver still will rise, While I’m in disguise you won’t feel the pain, sucking down from a train

Like you’ve been treated wrong before, Don’t make me blow a hole through that door

Don’t be so upset I don’t know if you can detect , reflect or maintainn a distance from this object that is so perfect

I’m just a kid you haven’t seen in between the lies I told I supose I unfold the  unsubjugated melancholy that’s how it’s supose to be


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