When the music hits you there’s a feeling you ge, nothing to expect,

In this cold world I just reflect, what’s better than respect

If you don’t gave none just give some, anything is possible if you owe some

Harlem shake hot as fuck, got 2 hoes on me non stop, She wanna blow me I say stop

Girl so horny I woke up, with a pair of scissors and a towel, to drown her up

The cattle might fuck up, but I won’t give up, Laughing so hard I might just throw up

Somebody’s watching but I don’t give a fuck, I’mma have my play, there’s no way

You can get away with everything you say and don’t pay

Hands in the air it’s a fairy ray, walking this bitch in a new way

Clothes so thick bitches think I’m gay, but I’m not that way,

They’ll pay , in every way, cause fucking up is the best way to deal with this flay

Everytime I say I’m on the way I’m actually sippin rays, of the sun

Cause everytime i chew gum bitches want me to cum.

Take that, no, take this hahaha, Can’t get no better than this

Hurt you so bad and can’t get way with this, I’m so mean when you look at the screen you’ll think I’m there, actually I don’t really stare, going no where and everywhere

Dogs be chilling be aware. Music makes you feel high, everytime I rhyme there’s a new star in the sky waiting for me to fly,

Cause I’m the shit think of me when you take a bath cause I’ll be watching when you fake a cough



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