Bathing in air

I always wanted to make a song, but I didnt have the tools so i just put instrumentals on hoping u guys hit play and read the lyrics, that’s how i put it, If i get some programs you guys could recomend me to use, I’d be happy to try them.

I wanted to make a love song but I don’t really know how,

So I’m gonna say what’s on my mind, Cause time flies when you’re having fun

You feel like you’re having fun, but that’s not it, when you get it you might just skip it

Or make you’re heartbeat quicker, cause this music thing got me thicker

Stronger faster built to hurt, sometimes you feel like you wanna give up

But that’s not my option and I always rise up , even tho it’s rough

When it’s rough I rise up, cause the harder it gets the faster I spill my bullets

When chicks wanna bring me down I tell them I have a plan.

That’s going so well I can’t fuck up I’m made for this , that’s why I don’t give up

Loving is like fighting in a way, If you blow away the pain, the sun may rise

In your beautiful eyes, even tho you may hate me now

Don’t stray it’ll be fine, you know I don’t drink wine, or anything else

I’m just a guy who rushes the pace, when you feel like you’ve left your trace

Loving is not easy it’s full of complicated things that’s why most people don’t bring joy

They just wanna annoy, It’s kinda hard to feel, when you think you hold the wheel

Butt it’s pretty neat to say that life can bring you joy even if you annoy because many of

us think what’s right, and many of us don’t fight for what we want, we just settle for what

we get, never going further I think I deserve respect, even If i give it sometimes,

I kinda give it back, but damn girls are so wack

When you think they have enough just grab the purse

And tell the nurse you’ll get over the course


Kissing on the cheek got me high and all that shit

Word are fine they just comeback

When you say you think you’re shit’s wack

I’m gonna say I’m back again like there’s no time, no end

Just gonna say a rhyme, like now, how do you feel , it’s fine

This got me thinking of a new rhyme, I was gonna tell,

Nobody knows me, Or who I am, motherfuckers close me

And choose me on the frying pan


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