This video had a pretty big impact over me since i’ve seen it, over the last couple of years i didn’t have that much fun or patying and stuff so i guess I missed most of the fun people have, but I’ve had my fun in my teen years or for about 23 years or so since i broke up with my ex, damn she was a hardass, I couldn’t get her to do anything I wanted guess I was the sucker back then, but in my highschool years I was the man dunno how but I was the shit even in my own eyes, partying alcohol, women, young and crazy but growing up it’s a pain in the ass some people never grow up, but I had to because, I guess it’s just my way, and about the video all the shit that’s here, I can’t stop thinking how many girl ” just wanna have fun” like they can’t fucking take responsability for they’re fucking actions and blame it on drugs alchol or poison, I understand drink but drink responsably not to the point where you pass out and you’re in a car with who knows what going the fuck anywhere but some of them they just wanna show off thinking a pair of tits and a good ass gets them cash or respect from men, well that’s not even close, they don’t make strong independent women anymore and if they do I think they do it wrong, a woman who respects herself don’t let others put her down or even better, don’t listen to they’re friends that’s a great think if you’re independent why do u listen to x and z telling you what to do, or saying “Hey let’s grab a drink” she should say Well it’s 1 drink or a fucking bottle getting drunk and passing  out, then you find you’re clothes on the floor, that’s just bitchy no1 respects that, I’m not gonna get into cheating cause I think it’s a used subject i’ve been moaning about this since i’ve been cheated on so cheating makes you worse, some girls just don’t know how to pick boyfriends so they just get dissapointed but the key is not to dissapoint at least yourself if you don’t dissapoint yourself you won’t dissapoint nobody


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