Music is what feelings sound like

I was playing some games, and I had a pretty rough year this year kind of a combination from good and bad, but I really try to put my life back together but as soon as I get it together it falls apart real quick, like everything I try can’t get someone to listen to me cause they think they know better, but no1 wants to hear my side of view , they always tell me we did as you wanted then they do as they want, but if something affects me personally I think it’s my job to take care of me not hearing what anything else has to say about that I think it’s my life and I should dicede what to do or what do I make of it, not my dad , not my mom, no1, I don’t really have any inspiration anymore, because of all the problems I’m in and don’t really like to rhyme anymore cause, I don’t know what I’m do it for, I know it’s fun if you can rhyme It’s fun, but you have to do it with a purpose, I just wanna get my life back , the way I had it I don’t really care about anything else than that, I just wanna be free from constrain and rules, Don’t wanna be obligated to do something I don’t wanna do, and by free I mean sober cause my parents won’t let me and I don’t wanna listen to them anymore cause they are not living my life I am


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