I met some girls one day with a friend and I don’t know what they did to me but i have these awkard stages, like I don’t know where my life is heading and I feel like I’m floating mostly and it sort of hurts but I don’t know what they did so bad to hurt my feelings they were just some random girls I met in the mall and we chatted, one of them was pretty distant but I knew her type, the awkward one, really distant just observes, doesn’t want to get involved, acts like she dosen’t care, so I acted like I didn’t care also but I know she cared cause she said she liked a celebrity wich I knew that girl is really pretty but I never listen to her songs because she acts like a a woman who you can’t meet her standards because she thinks she can make anyone want her because she looks good, but that’s not true most women who look good think they’re standards are too high, some girl are really picky dunno why, all i fking see are couples and sometimes i get so fucking tierd of being this lonely for years it’s pretty hard to sustain a relationship but i did not even got a chance to make things up even with my exes i tried with some but it’s like they’re going crazy right now, if i could tell them something i would tell them fools you better run for you’re lives :)) just kidding i’m not that bad but some girl are really wierd i try to understand them


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