I miss her when i close my eyes, i see her when i wake up, she s always on my mind, even when i feel i wanna give up,

She s never there but i feel her everytime, she s the air that i breathe everytime i spit a rhyme,

I ve come so far only at the thought of her, i always wander around thinking if i deserve her

But I m an ass sometimes and think if she wants to see me, then I wonder if we could ever be,

I always try to say I m sorry for what I ve done, even tho I sort of feel the need to run, If I could I would ask her, what do I mean to her, but then again, I always wonder if she s alone

I only step ahead cause maby I ll see some light or maby a princess in desguise, but when I go back I see her again

Standing on the front porch looking at me, wondering when I m coming back from work

Maby I ll find the food that we used to have, me making coffee I hope she s glad


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