The feeling you have when you feel like crap cause you’re sick and like a time bomb, listening to some sad songs, I still have no clue what the hell hapend along the way, sometimes I felt like I wasn’t me like I’m another person, but even know I don’t know who I really am or what I’m fighting for I’m just sick at home with my brother, and lonely ofc cause nobody gives a shit about me, that’s why I don’t give a shit about them,

It’s like you’ve been tormented for years to have this fucking mind of a lunatic who can’t escape they’re own prison and they’re never free or never wanted for anything, always hated and bullshit cause people are stupid and needy and only 1% of them know what the hell love is the rest of them are just a bunch of idiots in my opinion cause they don’t care and if you don’t care about a person or her/his feelings ur a crappy man in my opinion, if you don’t care what they feel or how they’re doing, even tho ur fucking interested, everybody fights for themselves they only care if they have an interest or something dosn’t matter if ur broke if ur rich it’s in they’re interest they’ll do it

In my opinion “Interesting people” make things interesting not ” Interested people” there’s a fucking difference between interesting and interested

And I’m only writing this cause I’m all alone and full of self pitty, too bad I can’t be an ignorant fuck, It’s just not me sorry, so I’m writing this just cause I’m sad and lonely and most people on this earth don’t even know I fucking exist that’s a thumbs up

But I sort of feel the need to write something even if it really seems exagerated or principles of some how, maby I’ll feel better if i just say what I feel the need to say, just ignore the typos,  I’ve been searching for a while for something but I don’t really see anything in most of them it’s just a sense of wanting but not giving or most people are afraid of me cause I do things they can’t in fact I don’t even do much I’m so simple u won’t believe it, but most of the time i spend alone I keep thinking about this damn life and seriously I’m afraid of people too, trust issues 101, so expressing myself somewhere where people can see my post are for me quite something when I’m not dreaming the fucking life I wish I had but I just got a lame life like the other noobs out there :))

Nothing extraordinary just fancy old family stuff everyday go to work eat sleep and stuff like that, my friends are great I wish i knew where the hell they are right now but not with me actually so I have alot of them obviously, I’m a loner :))

I keep having this dream about a girl sometimes I don’t really remember but I think she’s cute, I think I had more dreams about her cause I keep thinking about her sometimes especially at night, and it kinda screws me over cause I don’t even talk to girls cause they just ignore me everytime I try

About self acomplishments I have a few but not enough I really wanna get things done but when I sit in my bed at night and day I got these not only emotional but sort of existential crisis and sometimes I have felt like dying but not really did it I just sit and wonder who the hell am I if I suffer so much in silence and wish people well when they screw me over time after time, Being a kid was awesome only pain I had was tooth problems

I know this is not related to music but I just felt the need to spell out some of my existantial crisis moments cause I’m too alone and sad, but I’ll share some videos with u guys, have fun.



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