About Rap


Initially the word Rap meant strike or to hit, thousands of years ago in Africa people were playing instruments and using them as beats for they’re vocal performance, they had a method named call to answer when a group of people were singing one verse the other group started continuing where they left off. Rapping involves the speaking of rhymes to a beat, The rhyming created by rappers would be considered the most sophisticated form of poetry.

Rapping first gained popularity in the U.S. in 1970s as a street art.In 1979¬†Sugarhill Gang released the hit “Rapper’s Delight” numerous artists took noticed about the influencing music genre and Run DMC and N.W.A surfaced. By the 1980 the rap bands Bestie Boys and female band Salt N Peppa was reaching the top of the charts.

In the 1990 rap mature from old school style to new school style and artists like Snoop Dogg , Tupac , The Notorious BIG and Eminem one of the most populare white rappers of all time.

Rap has stood the test of time and artists like 50 cent, Ludacris and Jay Z drop hit after hit.


Hip-Hop in my opinion it’s something you can express yourself especially when u feel like u don’t have anything to say, sometimes they keep coming with new words, ideas, lyrical combinations, good or bad, sometimes with a purpose sometimes not, even tho you’re rapping on a specific topic or just freestyling, in my opinion for me right now it’s easier to freestyle cause i haven’t had the guts or a pretty good ideea to make a song about something but it might come in the future i just need a specific topic.

Let’s say about freestyling , i like it cause it gives you the freedom to play with words in such a matter you don’t need restrictions it’s just what comes to mind and rhymes with a certain word for example ” Take a look for a pill i’m not going for a thrill” or¬† “Walking down the stairs, with a pair of chairs, to signalize my flares” You can try to look around and find something you see like a bench” I’m sitting on a bench, near a fence, with a flower in disguise, i can see your eyes” For me it’s easier to freestyle directly like when I’m thinking i tend to say it if it comes to mind but you can easily get the words mixed up, it’s not always good but when I first started I was pretty bad at it, it comes better with practice.



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