As long as I want it to be nostalgic, I can’t say I don’t love the beat, probably one of the most important parts of a song I think it’s the beat, good lyrics are fun but a good beat really steals your interest, I just can’t help listening to the same songs all day cause of that, probably cause they are my favourites but dosn’t matter I wanna check out some pop music later on but Don’t really know many artists that make pop only a few.

I’m gonna post a very good tune that really makes me wanna be a go getter and it remind me even of a game I sometimes play, it’s not just entertaining it keeps me going like straight forward even if the road is blocked or it’s a detour (sort of saying)

Anyway there are many artists that make good music/beats, etc. Dre for example is one of the best I don’t really know all the beats he makes but I know he can make them.

Tiesto for example, Trance music is sort of dj-ing but it’s really complicated cause of the vocals they sometimes put in but it’s mostly female vocals so I don’t mind xD, I think it’s a big influence cause it might be soothing or something for example BT-Dreaming (Lucid Club mix) I think it’s relaxing and inspiring, not just the beat but the vocals also

I wanted to say I haven’t seen many female Dj-s but I know there are some for example Deborah de Luca I haven’t been paying too much attention to her but she knows how to play that’s for sure. I’m really sticking to rap cause I prefer freestyle over just beats but I can’t help the thing that with a good beat can come a good freestyle so I can improvize something. For example I wasn’t expecting Busta rhymes to sing to trance I was thinking about this till I found this song. I really wanna rap to trance and even house I think it’s great if I find more videos I’ll surely post them.