How music influences the body

I think music is a big part of the workout routine because it can motivate you perform better in the gym or playing sports even when you have to shout to your team mates, in some gyms where you play basketball for example sometimes there is music either to motivate and make the players perform better , or when a team scores, in the gym music can improve your mood and give you the energy boost you need to lift faster , harder and with more technique depending on what are you focusing on.

There are all sorts of motivation music i find myself in hip-hop, r&b, rap, this is what stimulates me to do better, even tho i have my lows not only in the gym i strive for excelence, either it’s in the gym, playing a sport or just listening or composing somethinggym_carlingford_1

When listening to music at the gym gives you a feeling of motivation or perseverance,

I like listening to rap for example, it doesn’t matter if I’m in the gym or at home it’s just rap , lyrics, it doesn’t matter if I spell them wrong or something it matters I make them, I don’t feel like i have to prove my worth to nobody, it’s all just work and status and try to get your achievement done, what you set your mind to be done it doesn’t matter the price you pay, it doesn’t matter what others think of you.

You just push yourself to the limit and when you think that’s the limit, keep pushing forward cause there’s more to it than meets the eye

I don’t trust people unless they give me a motive to trust or hate or do wrong without permission or just for the fun of it.

It’s not my fault you don’t wanna push your boundaries, and it’s not my fault u can’t be more than you are,

Causing another person to feel bad about your insecurities it’s disgusting, that means you have a problem and need to be treated as a problem.

So i suggest you can cut the crap, and go to the gym to feel better cause there are more opportunities for you than you will ever meet. It’s just you vs you not you vs me or anybody else if you don’t feel good about yourself it’s only your fault, and you should do something about it