Music and games


Music and games, I think it’s good to listen to music while playing your favourite game, it could be motivating to win but it must be the right song also, sometimes i can’t decide what song to listen to when I’m playing but i tend to listen to something continuous with lyrics or without does not matter, i’ve been listening to trance for a while and I think it’s good, even the combination between trance and hip hop could sound ok if the beat is right and the lyrics are good

All games have they’re soundtrack but I’m talking about the background music, when you turn off the music from the game and listen to your favourite songs. For example i found an interesting song made from league of legends that i love listening to while playing it just motivates me


The video is something like the intro in WoW, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft allot, almost with all classes but don’t know if there’s anything more I can do there than just gear up and raid, so I’ve comeback to League of Legends, the competition is pretty harsh especially ranked, normal games are more relaxing but ranked when your bronze and your team is way back pretty hard to carry you have to get a hero you can carry, I liked ADCs (Attack Damage Carry) but I don’t have them all, I’ve been playing jungle and top meanwhile.