When the music hits you there’s a feeling you ge, nothing to expect, In this cold world I just reflect, what’s better than respect If you don’t gave none just give some, anything is possible if you owe some Harlem shake hot as fuck, got 2 hoes on me non stop, She wanna blow me … More Baauer

Writing to trance

Lyrical genius flows withing, never ending story lies All you’re lies are full of ties,no regrets and no goodbyes If you with me I’mma cry don’t try to fake cause I won’t die We fucking rule and that’s no lie Battle me and u’ll get fried, chicken with mc’nuggets Get so fat u know the … More Writing to trance


What I call classical music or old music dosn’t need to be anywhere near the word classical like Betehoven or Mozart I’m just saying about classical like, where it’s a simple beat, nothing too fancy, just something to reapeat itself, maby giving you some motivation to start something or just relax to it, the motivation … More “Classical”


If i ought to be writing some lyrics maby a freestyle or a song, I could be writing about someone i love or trust betrayal I don’t know I’ve tried my best keeping it cool and calm seems like no matter what I do it dosn’t matter or how people see me it’s like either … More Rhymes