Role Model

I wanna write more specific things on this topic, like what’s a role model. For me it has been a person that I personally admire, maby family or someone that inspires you to be great, maby better than you were before or just someone who showed you some kind of path that they had, and what they faced in life, I don’t think it’s necesarily for you to do the same thing as your role model if you have one, but it has to be a person who is succesfull and maby faced hardships in life, or someone who is out of the ordinary, that would be a person that I would chose as a role model, a person who stands out. People may admire different people but when you choose your role model you tend to stick to him cause it’s the only road you have, the only example, and you should be faithful to your path because it’s the only way for you to become , maby, a better person or who you wanna be in life.

At first it was my grandfather I think he was “inventing” or making things himself and I admired that cause he wasn’t dependent on other sources he just made himself what he needed, like independent, he was a hard worker I mean non stop he had to do something like always on the job, that was great because it made me wanna do something too. When I was a kid I was catching flies and feeding them to spiders cause I was thinking what do they eat if they don’t catch nothing and I didn’t want them to starve, yeah that was random.

So about a role model it could be anyone and anything you like if you choose a path or an example it’s pretty good to stick with it cause it’s harder if you quit to start over, and it’s not even worth the effort so it’s better to put all your efforts in being who you wanna be only you know that. I personally wanted to be the best cause I thought I should listen to others but I was not listening to me. And no I don’t take no bullshit I don’t think that’s ok I don’t usually make fun of people or something I mostly judge but innocently I don’t like to harm without reason but when I’m defenceless and annoied, like cornered sort of speaking I will attack and verry fiercely cause I don’t want to be bullshited or betraied for no reason, and I think nobody wants that, cause it’s against the law, my law.

I think every person has a sort of conduite of his that you live life at your own pace, and do the things that you love to do, but most of us don’t get that chance to do everything they wanna do, most of us are trapped inside our own little world it’s like every human is sort of made to have a path each and any one of us we all have our differences but hating is not an option here we all strive to something, money, love, apreciacion, maby success in our field of interest, it only matters what you want not what anybody else wants of you, just wanted to tell you this.

I admired tough people always like the ones who can’t be beaten or just simply being really rough and tender at the same time like suffering but trying to smile while you feel the pain and say it’s ok i’m gonna get through this pain is temporary.

I suffered once pretty bad from a brakeup i had allot of pain when I was a teen and it’s pretty awful to experience that again it’s just ruthless and I don’t think nobody should learn the same lesson twice but I don’t mind suffering as long as it would make me better.

I’ve been cheated, betraied , beaten, but i’m still a dreamer I think dreaming is fun because it can give you a new perspective or maby even ideas depending on what are you dreaming about.