Trance music is the kind of music that gives you a certain feeling of a dream or something more appealing ,very uplifting in a certain way, for example something with beats but not normally with lyrics, it’s just the beat that gives you a certain feeling like wow this music is from another world or something. Personally it gives me a state of calmness, and really ready to face some challanges, maby pushing forward.

I don’t listen to it everyday but some songs are just unforgettable, Tiesto did a pretty good job especially with In Search of Sunrise, my favorite albums and Magik Journey.

The period between highschool and college , I was listening to alot of trance then, really discovering what this kind of music is, and I think he’s one of the best DJ-s in the industry. Trance appeared in the late 1990s in Germany and it’s a combination of pop, house and, chill-out, classical music.

When I was little I’ve been listening to mostly pop cause , every period of time has it’s success now I think it’s rap and RnB but Trance is mostly for concerts.

The feeling of security is something you can’t deny , I mean sure this song is good, but the video when you make it, counts also, probably need some inspiration for all the videos out there.

Ten seconds before sunrise is my favourite song from Tiesto , I’ve been listening to it from the beggining of the year and it was an awesome way to start the year with. I’d like to find some program wich i could make some beats maby publish them here or find someone I could make a rhyme or two.

I think it’s possible to rhyme on Trance but only in a certain way to follow the flow, maby ajust the music so it can be rhymable but I would love to see some more artists make trance music, it’s pretty hard to reach that kind of level but with practice I think it’s possible