Loving you is hard enough, feeling this ain’t just it,

If I could say all that I feel and what do I do to get to you, to want me back

I feel like I’m losing tracky, my morality and goals

Going down the holes all alone, just people and a microphone

They going anywhere they can’t reach, but when they do they don’t teach

Missing ll the goodtimes yeah that’s when we had the funtime

When you get this in you’re head you’ll think that I’m kind of dead

But it’s not true I just feel so blue for the things you put me through

And I didn’t care nor give up, the shit I’ve seen got me all fucked up

I’ve loved myself or this damn tree, sometimes I feel lke I fucking see

But it’s not me cause I’m shy and kinda slow, even furious just let me know

Tell me why I can’t sleep at night, fighting for the chance to fight

Everyday is just a struggle, new begginings hard to handle

Didn’t had to do much back then to feel apreciated guess just kids are fucking obivious

When we were kids we’re fucking cool, just thinking of that bar stool

I feel like a runaway train sometimes, even if I fall still I rise

some people think I’m in disguise but It’s more than meet’s the eye,

a simple man just look how fly I am, this time I got a fucking plan 😀

Knowing who I am makes me more complete sometimes i listen to my songs on repeat

Cause they cool with or without a beat, Still run on my cheek everytime you see me sip from the coffee zip